Old meets new

Timeless recipes reinterpreted for the modern palate

60+ Beers on tap • 30 Wines by the glass

Craft cocktails   

Custom stein, special beer offers, access to private events + more.

The Normans defined much of what we eat today as the earliest epicureans of England and France. When they invaded the British Isles, parts of France, Sicily, North Africa, and the Holy Lands—all before the Dark Ages—the Normans ate voraciously and with great curiosity. Fascinated by these foreign dishes, the Normans brought home the foods and techniques of those they battled, creating an entirely new culinary landscape.

Much like the Normans, we are fascinated with the familiar and the forgotten. Bell+Whete (pronounced "Wheat", but spelled in the Norman dialect) serves modern interpretations of old world dishes, such as pottage with fried bread, house-cured ham and sausage, pork knuckle, and roasted fowl. Our bar has a well-rounded list of fine gins, international and local beers, ciders, and respectable wines.

Many of these dishes are well-known to this day. Staples we all know and love like roasted chicken or house made sausages have been passed on for generations. However, numerous recipes were left to the history books, dishes so surprising and delightful they beg for rediscovery. At Bell+Whete we celebrate this history, while reimagining the potential of these lost recipes.



200 Bell Street
Seattle, WA 98121

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Bell+Whete opens every day at 4pm.

Happy Hour is daily from 4pm to 7pm and again from 10pm to Midnight.

Brunch on the weekends starts at 10am and goes until 3pm.

For parties up to 8 please reserve online via OpenTable or call 206-538-0180.

For parties of 9 to 55 guests please see our PRIVATE DINING OPTIONS.

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We have many dining options for your group, whether you need a special menu, a la carte options, or an all-inclusive event, we will make sure that dining with us is an unforgettable experience.

Our beverage program has over sixty local + international beers and ciders on tap, an extensive wine list, along with small batch + traditional gins and whiskeys from around the world.  We will ensure that the beverage options provided, will suit your group, be it a list of specific cocktails, an open bar, or pre-arranged pairings.

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Why cook

when you can order in? 

Bell+Whete can deliver our Private Dining Menu to your home or office. Minimums start at $500.

Please email events@bellandwhete.com for more information.